Margalit Modiin bus schedules

(as of April 15, 2005)

The information on these pages has been translated and converted for the Web by Jason Elbaum, based on the bus schedules produced by Margalit S.E. Modiin. This is provided as a public service; Margalit does not produce or endorse these English schedules. There may be errors in the originals or in the process of adaptation.

Note that some of the Margalit-produced schedules contain unclear notations. Also, some notes - indeed some routes - appear on some editions of the schedules but not on others. Common sense has been used in interpreting these notations. Regular bus passengers are welcome to correct or clarify problematic points.

Questions should be addressed to Margalit (note changed numbers!):

Voice response: 08-665-4201
Public transport information, Sun - Thu 8:00-17:00, Fri 8:00-13:00 08-971-6261 / 08-971-6263
Lost & Found 08-971-6263

Schedules for Superbus and Margalit routes to / from Hashmonaim and Kiryat Sefer can be found on the Ramat Modiin website.

To get to Modiin by car or train, see these Directions to Modiin.

Jason Elbaum
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